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7/18/2015 · Soccer Salaries. Soccer salaries exceed millions of dollars, pounds, yen and euro annually. Professional soccer players are some of the highest paid athletes of any sport in the world. In fact, as of May, 2012, in the top 5 highest paying teams of any sport in the world, the top four are soccer teams.

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In that sense, this Sportsmail chart listing the average salaries of players in 34 leagues around the world is very interesting. Here's the chart in full: A couple things: wow, the Premier League ...

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The U.S. women's soccer team broke a World Cup record on Tuesday by defeating Thailand 13-0, the largest winning margin in a single game in World Cup history with a record-tying five goals from ...

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6/29/2018 · Pay and Gender. Another factor affecting the pay of soccer players, as well as just about every other professional sport, is gender. Female players earn far less than their male counterparts. In fact, a survey in 2018 showed that 88 percent of the world's professional female soccer players earned less than $24,000 per year.

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This statistic depicts the average annual wage of first-team soccer players in Italy in 2017/2018 season, broken down by club. In 2017/2018, the average annual pay of first-team players in the ...

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Top 10 highest paid female soccer players: Most of the salaries are put together under the National Women’s Soccer League rules, which means players are free to play in other countries while still representing their home countries in international competitions. And most of these richest female soccer players from America.

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7/7/2015 · "In aggregate, first division women's soccer players are making 98.6 percent less than professional soccer's male cohort," according to Fusion. Here …

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4/12/2016 · The pay disparity derives not from U.S. Soccer but from the money paid to players by their teams. Men’s teams pay more because they have hugely higher …

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Lyon, which plays in the Champions League in Europe and is often cited as the world’s best-paid women’s pro soccer team, reportedly pays its players an average of 162,000 euros (about $182,00) annually. Unsurprisingly, in a recent ranking of the best female soccer players in the world, 5 out of the top 10 play professionally for Lyon.

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There is a range of salaries in each league in the Championship it could range from around £6–7m up to North of £40m. Working that out on a 25 man squad that gives an average of £250,000 up to £1.5m. The median is going to be around £500–600k In L...

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Average Salary for Profesional Soccer Players in 2018 – $1,073,831. From the outset, I would like to clarify something: This average salary is a vastly misrepresentative number for several ...

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The average guaranteed salary in the MLS for the 2007 season was $115,432, according to the "Washington Post." This figure has gone up slightly since then, but the average earnings of players in the league remains in the $100,000 to $150,000 range as of 2010.

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Whilst the Atlanta Hawks pay their players an average of 5.22 million U.S ... Major League Soccer teams ranked by average per game attendance in 2018 Average attendance of Major League Soccer ...

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The first paid women's soccer league was the Women's United Soccer Association, which operated from 2001 to 2003; its players received average salaries of approximately $40,000 per year. Women's Professional Soccer launched in 2009, with its players earning $32,000 for a seven-month commitment.

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3/31/2016 · In U.S. professional soccer leagues, women also trail far behind men in terms of earnings. The National Women’s Soccer League has a pay ceiling per player of just $37,800. That’s compared to an average of more than $300,000 and a median of about $100,000 for men’s Major League Soccer.

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Soccer players pay? The average salary for a soccer player is $141,903.13. The highest paid soccer player is Robbie Keane who makes $4 million per year. ... On average, professional soccer players ...